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A consultation with our experienced technician will help you have a better understanding of your pest problem, whether it’s for protection or eradication to your home or business, having a better understanding for you to make a decision on the service that will suit your needs.

The benefits from a free consultation are to establish what pest problems you have or what potentially could lead to a future pest infestation. The value of advice from Prokil Pest Control should help you make an informed decision about which service should be delivered to meet your needs and satisfy your pest problem or protection to your home or business.

Having the right information about which pest control service to purchase will give you value for money and satisfy your pest problem. After all, we both want a successful outcome.

pest control services
pest control services

We are a small business delivering professional pest control services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and surrounding areas for your home and business. Our highly qualified, friendly, and experienced staff are here to help.

We offer 12 months warranty service for all residential work and provide an environmentally safe, superior, and reliable service and are committed to total customer satisfaction.

2 or more services

Would you like to get these services for your neighbor or friends? That’s a great idea because you can receive a discount when you buy more than 1 service (20%) reduction


Whether it’s a termite inspection or a pest eradication, destruction to your property from termites to rats, or just annoyance from ants, having the right information about your pest problem can achieve the right decision for you to make and get value for money for successful treatment or inspection.

With trained Pest Control technicians and more than 20 years of experience treating termites and pests, we will make sure you are protected from pests.




Inspection of your property helps us to establish your current and potential pest or termite concerns.


Treatment application can vary depending on the pest problems you are experiencing?


Advice on how to protect from future issues with pests that have been eradicated.


Maintenance around the property is the greatest solution in regard to certain pest infestations.

Were Here To Help.


Equipped and ready to go, let’s take care of those pests and remove them for good, if its cockroaches, fleas, rodents, termites, we can tackle any pest you have. call us for free advice or book an inspection on 1300 776 545 and speak to our friendly technician 0407 594 168


Request Free Pest Inspection

Request Free Pest Inspection

Or call us at 1300 776 545

fast response m: 0407 594 168

Or call us at
1300 776 545

fast response m: 0407 594 168

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