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Prokil Pest Control has powerful solutions to bringing comfort to your home and business against harmful pests, we apply the safest yet the most effective techniques to our pest-fighting monitoring and treatments. Get effective immediate help with guaranteed results right away without putting your health at risk.

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We offer a full range of pest control services to your family home or business large or small, regardless of the pest problem you have, we aim to provide solutions for you whether you have a home. Shop, restaurant, office block or shed in the back yard, our services and treatments are provided.


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4 step advanced solutions for mice control




Careful inspection to areas where pets rest or sleep, pay attention to carpets, along skirting, under furniture, bedding, rugs and cushions.

Flea Control

Residual surface treatment should be applied to carpets, pet sleeping areas, beneath furniture, skirting boards, dark areas and other areas harbouring adults or larvae.


The biting adult flea spend most of their time on your pets, treatment to your home and pets should be done at the same time, this essential step in ridding a home of fleas.


It is essential that the application of a treatment be implemented throughout the entire life cycle. Because the flea life cycle is 18 to 28 days under prime conditions.
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About Fleas

Flea control to your home or business can have an immediate relief from adult fleas with our powerful knockdown solution and on-going treatment to remove eggs and larva.

Being infested with fleas at home or your work place can be frustrating and annoying the discomfort and irritation to both yourself and pets.

Ongoing bites from the uninvited guest can cause secondary infection, even a single bite can cause severe itching that could persist up to 5 days. Effective and urgent flea control is needed to rid them from your home and pets.
Fleas usually require warm and humid conditions to develop. Due to the flea life cycle and feeding habits. Reduce the humidity to your home will have be effective to reduce the population and assist in flea control to your home.

An adult flea is small 1 – 3 mm, reddish-brown, wingless insects with flattened bodies, there piercing-sucking mouthparts allows then to suck the blood from their host. Female fleas can lay 25-50 eggs per day which of many fall from their host and land on carpet, bedding and anywhere the pet frequents. Eggs hatch into flea larvae in about 7 days. After feeding on dried blood left from the adult flea they move around for 2 weeks build a cocoon and develop into adults and can remain in their cocoon for up to 12 months

Different reaction to bites but the more common sight to a bite appears slightly raised and red itchy spot. They can at times bleed.

Fleas can feed for up to three hours from one site, and can drink up to 140 per cent of their body weight in blood.

Adult fleas can jump around 30cm high, over a metre in length and will jump around 10,000 times when looking for a host.

What to do to help reduce Fleas:

Adult female flea requires a blood meal before laying eggs, up to 50 eggs per day, these tiny white eggs are slippery and fall out of the pet’s fur.
The eggs hatch into larvae in two days to a few weeks, depending on temperature and humidity. To help in flea control, vacuum thoroughly is highly effective in removing fleas at all life stages present in your home, vacuuming especially in areas where pets rest or sleep, pay attention to carpets, along skirting, under furniture, bedding, rugs and cushions. Vacuuming removes many eggs, larvae and pupae developing within the home.

When finished with vacuuming seal the contents and discard to the waste bin. Hot wash as many items you can including pet bedding, hot soapy water acts as an effective means to kill fleas in all life stages. Wash your pets bed cover in hot water, dry on high heat to kill adult fleas, larvae and eggs Confine sub floor areas and cover up waste bins to deter wildlife that may carry fleas Keep lawns cut back.

Make sure its fleas you are dealing with?

Locate heavily infested areas, normally areas that the pet frequent.

Was pet bedding in hot soapy water at least once a week.

Vacuum all floors, carpets, skirting boards, underneath furniture, behind cushions, pet areas, cracks and crevices daily this will remove flea eggs, larvae and adults.


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